NEREUS RT will be produced on 12 July.

Nereus RT will be produced on 12 July.

After more than half year preparation, Nereus RT will be produced this week.
This pattern is the most popular RT pattern, we take the advantages from many famous brands and stronger our sidewall, so our tires are more stronger and beautiful.

1. Optimized the tread pattern design and formula
The interlocking function between the patterns is strengthened to make the tire stronger.
Optimized the ratio of tire contact patch and groove, making the tires more suitable for all-terrain road conditions.
The soft tread formula is adjusted to make the tire more suitable for all-season use and more compatible with winter.
2. Reinforce the design of the connecting part between the bead and the sidewall
In view of the high flexion frequency of all-terrain tires, which are prone to bulge, the AX5 has enhanced the rubber core design at the upper end of the tire bead, which completely solves this problem.

This pattern can be best selling soon. If you have any request for detail, please let us know.