Qingdao Ditrip Tyre Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, is a company dedicated to R&D and sales of tires. In the past ten years, we have been offering great service to 500+ tire distributors from over 100 countries and we have signed exclusivity agreements with clients from over 20 countries. We have our private brands and at the same time, we are authorized representative of brands of several well-known tire manufacturers.


Our private brand NEREUS covers tires for various applications including passenger cars, buses, trucks, off-road vehicles, industrial vehicles, and agricultural machineries. With over 500 specifications, NEREUS brand car tire has full line of sizes and patterns including HP/UHP/HT/AT/MT/VAN/ST and can meet the needs of various models of cars.


ARIETIS is our new private brand with a focus on off road tires-AT/MT/RT. ARIETIS is a very open brand. The addition of new patterns, sizes and constructions will be according to the special need of clients. ARITIES will be a promising excellent brand serving certain group of clients.


We have our independent R&D and design team. We have our independent patented technology and independent intellectual property rights. In the past ten years, we have continuously collected customer needs to introduce products suitable to needs of clients and market. We successfully provided high-quality winter tires for electric vehicles for the Nordic client. We specially designed van tires suitable for rough local road conditions for Haiti customer. We introduced summer tires suitable for climate of UK for our UK client.

We have provided special customized services to meet the needs of clients and we will continue to try our best to provide the special customized to our clients in future.